Quantum Rehab is a division of Pride Mobility Ltd specialising in the design and manufacture of complex rehabilitation technology. Since 2000 Quantum Rehab has been researching and building cutting-edge powerchairs, seating systems and electronics for components such as controllers and programmers.

Quantum Rehab are pioneers in control systems and both create their own (such as the Quantum Q-Logic Drive Control System) or make their powerchairs cross compatible with other market leaders such as the R Net Omni from PG Drives. Both these controllers are capable of much more than just controlling all the functions of the powerchair – they can also operate various household machines such as TV’s, DVD players, garage doors and infrared lighting systems.

Quantum’s flagship powerchair, the Q6, is designed from the ground up via extensive consumer consultation and market research making it one of the most consumer-inspired products available to date. In 2015 the Q6 Edge 2.0 was released with a function called I-level – the first power-elevating seating system that allows standing-height operation.

As approved suppliers of Quantum Rehab products we’d be delighted to conduct a free assessment or answer any questions you may have. Furthermore, if you’d like to demo any of their products please give us a call and we’d be delighted to help.

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