About Us

Cinque Ports Mobility (CPM) is a proactive, caring and long-standing Specialist Mobility Company based in Folkestone and serving the entirety of Kent.

At Cinque Ports Mobility we’re proud to be accredited by the British Healthcare Trades Association, recognised as Elite Dealers by Sunrise Medical, approved by Motability and the Financial Conduct Authority, suppliers to the NHS and above all active investors in our community. We’re the ideal place for any persons interested in discussing their mobility problems who are seeking help in finding the right solution.

Here’s a summary of the key products and services we offer direct. For a full list and detailed overview of our services please click here

  • Impartial Advice

    Our staff aren’t paid on commission and the business isn’t aligned to just one manufacturer, offering you peace of mind and near-unlimited choice.

  • Wheelchairs

    There are lots of different types of wheelchairs and we’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements to help you find the perfect one for you. Wheelchairs range from the moderate-use range up to the highly specialised and prescription-based active range. Feel free to talk to us for more information and a no obligation quotation.

  • Product Support

    We continue to offer you support in the months and years after your purchase. We ensure warranties are upheld and that your products continue to work as they should do.

  • Powerchairs

    Powerchairs fall into four major categories depending on where you intend to use yours, and what you hope your powerchair will be able to achieve. We’re experts on all four types, and have a selection for demo purposes which we’d be delighted to bring to you to show you.

  • Sales and Acquisitions

    We don’t just sell what you can see in our shops! We’re pleased to offer our customers an acquisition service too. Seen something on TV or in a magazine and want to try it out for yourself with no obligation to purchase? Give us a ring and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen.

  • Scooters

    With the average age of a scooter owner falling fast, its no surprise the latest scooters come with impressive styling, useful gadgets and large maximum ranges. We stock or can obtain for demo purposes all variants of scooter, including the compact boot-scooter range (designed for easy disassembly for a vehicle) through to the sturdy class 3’s with over 30 mile maximum ranges.

  • Clinical Assessments

    Every customer is unique; with their own backstory, individual requirements and differing expectations. For the more clinically-specialised products (powerchairs and active-wheelchairs) we combine an empathetic approach with the latest in best practice taken from the field of clinical engineering. Your product is tailored to you ensuring all your needs are managed correctly.

  • Handbikes and Racing Chairs

    We love enabling others to get outside to enjoy the outdoors and their favourite sports, which is why we’ve invested time in becoming experts in the latest handcycles, sports chairs and racing chairs.

  • In-House and On-The-Road Repairs

    Your mobility is important to you, and therefore it’s important to us too. To keep you moving if things go wrong, we hold a number of key components in stock to prevent you waiting for parts. If you can’t come to us, we can come to you and what’s more, we complete the majority of our repairs without needing to bring your product back to the workshop.

  • Lots More!

    To find out more about everything we do, please feel free to visit our services page, or alternatively get in contact with us by filling out the contact form or giving us a ring on 01303 850760.

In our showrooms you’ll find a series of class two and class three mobility scooters available for trial, a range of powerchairs for indoor and outdoor use, a demo riser-recliner chair, several leading moderate and active user wheelchairs from leading brands plus specialist clinical wheelchairs.

If you’re unable to travel to us we’re pleased to be able to offer a no obligation demo of scooters, powerchairs and wheelchairs at your home. To arrange one please send us an email or alternatively give us a ring and we’d be happy to assist.

At CPM we ensure precision and expertise, whether it be assisting customers with a simple sales decision or performing clinical assessments in tandem with the NHS Wheelchair Services or Occupational Therapists, to help match the perfect product to the exact need.

After-sales support ensures the products supplied, whether it be a moderate use wheelchair or full time class-leading powerchair, continue to perform excellently and offer mobility freedom no matter what.

Click To Read About Our Company History


Cinque Ports Mobility was first established by Peter Manning and David French in 1992, as a division of their company, SCL Mobility (based in Maidstone), which in turn was a division of the Beard Brothers Group (based in Watford). The Folkestone operation was created to provide a better, local service to customers already established in the South East part of Kent. The name Cinque Ports Mobility (CPM) was assumed to identify a specific part of Kent; the area originally covered was from Lydd in the West to Sandwich in the East, although we now offer our services throughout the whole of Kent.

In 1993, the company relocated from its address on Cheriton Road to its current location in Enbrook Valley, with larger showrooms adjacent to a free car park, and a test area, essential for our variably-able visitors. Chris French joined the team in 1995 as a sales person, and in 2001 he and his father David took over ownership of CPM after the parent company, by then Ashdale Healthcare, went into receivership. CPM then served the county of Kent as a private, family owned business for the next 15 years, forging strong links with the NHS, Social Services, SSAFA Forces Help, Age Concern and the hospital therapy units in the area, and building its reputation as an honest, reliable provider of mobility solutions in Kent.


New Directorship

In the summer of 2016 David French retired from the company, handing his share to the new Managing Director, Chris Cox (BSc).

Chris joined the company following his graduation from the University of Loughborough, where he studied a degree in Business Management specialising in Aviation, being awarded a 2:1 (upper class) and an award for his contribution to the Civil and Building Engineering Department during his final year.

Chris brings a vast array of both academic and practical skills, which are being put to good use to improve the offering of the company as a whole. In December he was featured in an article by the Thiis Magazine, which outlines his backstory in more detail and answers the question: ‘how did he end up in this industry following a degree in aviation?’.

Under Chris’s leadership, we’ve overhauled several behind-the-scenes systems and are utilising the latest in job-planning tools to give us the best opportunity of getting to our customers in the most timely and efficient manner possible. Our vans are better stocked than ever, increasing the percentage of jobs we can complete at the roadside, and we use live tracking and job feedback to ensure we can notify you ahead of time if our engineers are running late or stuck in traffic. We’re also welcoming a new van to our fleet with a longer wheelbase and brand new company livery – look out for this in the coming weeks.